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July 19, 2012
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Arin and Rener Official Ref Sheet TOR by 1pieceluver Arin and Rener Official Ref Sheet TOR by 1pieceluver
This is for :iconoctournamentofrings:
Yes. Another Tournament....XD What am I getting myself into, now?^^;

The Tournament Auditions will be running from now until September 24th, so if you want to join, I suggest you click the group icon displayed above!

This is the tournament of rings. Contestants are sent tiny "invitations," if you will, called soul rings. Once obtained, the rings bring them to the Tournament where chance and fate will be the contestants' only guides.
Will luck be in your favor?

And now onto the main substance of the description! The Bio!


Name: Arin "The Little Shepherd Boy"

(Sometimes nicknamed "Shepherd.")

Age: 12


Gender: Boy

Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 120 lbs

Eyes: Icy Blue

~Background Info~

Arin is your typical tween (though is a tad bit more responsible than most). He's curious (hence the bandage on his nose), stubborn, a real trouble maker (especially with his village's local merchants), headstrong, and witty.

Setting aside the cons, Arin does have the potential to be kind, and caring when he wants to be or when the moment calls for it. When it comes to tending his pastures and his brother's sheep, he can be very responsible and protective.

Although he'd never admit it, Arin can be very sensitive as well.

Arin was orphaned with his brother at a very young age. The two were taken in by a poorly-run orphanage in which they were abused and neglected by the head-master. When Arin's older brother turned thirteen, the two broke out of the orphanage and escaped to a little farm over in the next town where they found a neglected herd of sheep. They decided to take care of the sheep and raise a farm together.

When Arin turned eleven, the farm house caught fire and burnt to the ground taking Arin's brother's life along with the house. He was able to save the sheep, but couldn't save his brother. Despite his ever growing loneliness, he tended to the farm as his brother had taught him to.

Incidentally right after the accident, he was sought out by a lesser demon that rose from the ashes of the farm house. The demon's name was Rener, and he consoled Arin by offering to make a pact with him to help protect the remaining farmlands. Arin hesitantly agreed after the demon gleefully persuaded him. With the pact formed, Arin and Rener became soul bound to one another. Their friendship grew and they bonded quickly.


A bubbly, but clever lesser demon as well as Arin's weapon and familiar. His powers are slightly restricted due to Rener being soul bound to Arin. Only Arin can allow Rener more or less control over his powers.
Rener can take on three different forms (aside from his docile demon form depicted in the image above [NOTE: Aside from Rener's docile form and weapon form, I will draw the additional two forms soon. Perhaps the hellhound sooner and the beserk form later. PLOT PLOT PLOT PLOT!!]):

-Weapon [Defense]: Ironically this form takes on the similar form of a two-toothed pitchfork. He takes this form when Arin is fighting off wolves, thieves, or fighting in general (which is rare).

-Hell Hound [Agility]: This form is more discreet as Rener looks more like a fuzzy light-yellow herding dog (a mix between a Greyhound and a German Shepherd, respectfully). Especially in public, Rener will often use this form as a disguise.
He also uses this form to help herd sheep.

-Beserk Form [Power]: Rener has only mentioned this form once to Arin, and cautions him not to use it unless it's his final and only option. It's Rener's true-self (though his powers are still slightly restricted).

The mark that binds Arin and Rener is called 'The Eye of Kronos,' a black tattoo that looks like a vertical eye. On Rener, the tattoo is located on his tummy. On Arin the tattoo is located on his left upper-arm.

As for personality, Rener acts like a little kid (most often only in his docile form), which will occasionally throw enemies off guard as they usually underestimate his true power. He's bubbly and energetic, but also brilliant and clever. It's safe to say that he can also have a, 'silver tongue,' on occasion, but remains the voice of reason to Arin and Arin only.

Lastly, Rener has no actual gender, but his voice sounds like a childish boy, so Arin usually refers to Rener as a 'he.'
Rener is precisely 2 million years old.

Additional Abilities:

-Glass Cat's Eye Talisman: In return for connecting his soul with Rener's, Arin was given a Talisman that allowed him some of Rener's power. With the Talisman, Arin is able to create light purple-tinted, force-field-like, energy platforms, and short distance portals (I will draw these along with Rener's demon forms).

-Arin is fairly strong and is great with wrestling and close combat.

-Arin is still a human, Rener is not. They share one soul, therefore they also share the same feelings in regards to physical and mental pain; a sort of spiritual empathy for lack of a better phrase.

-They share a strong bond, and friendship, however Rener is still a demon, and a smart one at that. There are times where he will attempt to possess Arin (even though he claims that it's "just a joke." Which in some cases, it can be... but still...).

-Arin needs the Glass Cat's Eye Talisman to access his own powers (granted, if he loses it, it will come back to him on it's own, but this usually takes up to a day before he can get it back).

Other Items (depicted above, some have numbers):

1.) Arin's Soul Ring- This will be explained more in the actual audition. He has no idea what it actually does. Rener cannot identify it either.

2.) Gold Coins, the town's currency.

3.) Cat's Eye Talisman

4.) Mysterious Photograph- I will get to this later, too.

5.) Key- Goes to the old farm house. It was the only other material item that Arin could recover.

Hair Clip- Arin has messy bangs. He'll often use the hair clip to push them back when he's working in the pastures.


-Arin's favorite food is peaches.

-He doesn't actually need to eat or obtain nutrients, but Rener's favorite food is cherries (pits and all).

-Arin plays the harmonica to calm his sheep in the evening and to call them in for supper (forgot to draw that...^^; ), he'll occasionally sing, too.

-Rener speaks English fluently as well as Latin (Y'know... because he's a demon...XD). When he speaks, he does not open his mouth, his voice is that of an echo that simply emanates from his body. In fact Rener never opens his mouth unless he's in his Hell Hound Form or his Beserk Form. Anyone can hear him talk.

*Translation for the Ring: "VITA SINE MORTIS"- Life without Death

Any other questions? How'd I do? Please drop by and feel free to leave feedback! It's always greatly appreciated~ ;)

I will (hopefully) start the audition pages this week.

Arin and Rener (C) Me

Tournament Concept, Angel, Soul Rings (C) :iconoctournamentofrings:

NOTE: Yes, I decided to use a different medium than I've usually used in the past.
However, my comics will remain in black and white for the time being until I can get the hang of things on gimp.

Rener's Hell Hound Form: [link]
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